Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 day challenge - Lent - And fat loss

As I promised, I will be talking about nutrition and some general basic options that we should all be following. With so many FAD diets out on the market, which ones are the best? Honestly, the one that is the best is the one that works for YOU! Choose something that is cheap, doesn't involve taking extra pills, stimulants or costs too much money will be the best for us all.

Most of the time, ther is a common statement that can be said for these FAD diets and you will hear them all the time. "I know a few people that have lost a ton of weight on this diet!" So in return, I would also say then that "There are many more that have failed on the same diet"

I am working on a grid that will show the good bad an ugly of most of these Meal plans and you can make your own conclusions.

As for me, what I have seen the best results with are variations of the Paleo Diet (cave man diet, the whole 30 diet, primal diet, hunter gatherer diet, primal evolution, new evolution and most recently the 4 hour body)

The reason that most of these work so well is that they are simple, idiot proof methods to eat well but leave all of the junk out. In essense, its Black and White. There is no room for taking some magical herb or tonic that will speed things along. In summary: stop eating processed foods, processes grains, sugar (of any kind) and starchy foods unless they follow a good work out. Stick to good proteins, fresh veggies, and non starchy legumes (beans) that will help to boost your metabolism.  Any that is white (except for cauliflower) is not allowed on any of the variations of the paleo diet.

We will talk about more of this on a later date, but I wanted to give everyone a quick preview since Lent is here and many of us are working hard to lose weight and focus on our lives both spiritually and physically.

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