Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Body Fat Tests - A little help on what we did

In today's world, many either want to rid themselves of excess body-fat to improve their health, enhance their physical presence, or both. As Bootcampers, we generally want to shed as much fat as possible to prevent future health issues like high blood pressure, cardiac issues and other issues related to carrying too much fat.
To plan for this fat-loss, it is important to know exactly where one is at and to regularly chart progress for ongoing results. Body-fat percentage can be ascertained and monitored with caliper testing like we did Tonight. Calipers are the apparatus used to measure various skin-fold thicknesses, at specific sites, to acquire a percentage value. Generally speaking, a successful result is one which places an individual within a desirable range for their gender and age.
Body-Fat Percentage Norms For Men
AgeVery Low FatLow FatAverage FatVery High FatOver-Fat
20-30 Years< 9%9-12%13-16%17-19%20%+
30-40 Years< 11%11-13%14-17%18-22%23%+
40-50 Years< 12%12-15%16-20%21-25%26%+
50+ Years< 13%13-16%17-21%22-27%28%+

Body-Fat Percentage Norms For Women
AgeVery Low FatLow FatAverage FatVery High FatOver-Fat
20-30 Years< 17%17-20%21-23%24-27%28%+
30-40 Years< 18%18-21%14-17%25-29%30%+
40-50 Years< 20%20-13%24-27%28-31%32%+
50+ Years< 21%21-24%24-31%32-35%36%+

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