Thursday, December 29, 2011

21 day Challenge - Winners

We had a great Challenge and there were some good results. 100% of all of the athletes lost inches and improved on at least 1 of the Benchmark Tests. And atleast 90% of the athletes lost weight as well.

Here are some of the highlights

Most Improved Double unders: Kristi Butler

Most Improved Single Jump Rope: Alan Curits

Most Improved Ball Toss: Alana Shaw

Most Improved Clean and Jerk (modified Weight) Ali Evans

Most Improved Clean and Jerk (Prescribed Weight) Jennifer Hamrick

Most days attended (15 out of 21) Jennifer Hamrick

And Here are the top 3 most improved athletes including the overall winner:

3rd Place... Alana Shaw
2nd Place...Alan Curtis
1st Place... Ali Evans

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Alana said...

Way to go everyone!