Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you ready for some Football?

Knees To elbows
courtesy of CrossFit langley
 Today we will only have a 6pm class since there is a Crowley Band performance at 7pm that many of us want to attend.

Box jumps:
10 jumps total, working your way up to a higher box each time

Football workout:
in teams - each team will play defense and offense for each quarter. They will have a shot at offense, then have to play defense to prevent the other team from scoring:
4 quarters (4 rounds)

Defense will always be the following:
Beginners 1 round -> advanced 2 rounds of:
5 Knees to elbows
10 push ups
15 situps

Offense (all of these exercises will be counted as a score for each rep):
Q1 - KB swings
Q2 - Push presses
Q3 - Wall balls
Q4 - Slam balls

First quarter: Team 1 will be on defense trying to finish the defensive workout as quickly as possible. Each person on the defense has to finish in order to stop the offense of team 2.
Team 2 will be doing kettlebell swings. They get to score as many as possible before the last person from team 1 finishes the defense.

Then...they will switch place, now team 1 will be on defense and team 2 will be on offense.
After this, Quarter 1 will be over and we will start quarter 2

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