Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weighted Wednesday

We will be working on Lifting Heavier Wednesday and Friday of this week. The goal is to get some muscle built by lifting the heavier weight. There has been so much good research done lately (Anabolic State from Lifting heavy) by different groups showing:

the heavier we lift,
the more muscle we build,
the more muscle we build,
the more calories we can burn
The more Calories we burn
The more fat we lose
And all of this is done even after we are done working out. As our bodies are repairing the muscle, it is still working!

This can not be accomplished with Cardio alone!

So Strong is really the new skinny!


Bench Press

Clean and Jerk:

Using 70% of your 1RM
EMOTM for 12 minutes
4 Clean and Jerk
4 Push ups

Day 1 of the January Jump Rope Challenge
1000 Double unders between now and the end of the month
3000 Singles between now and the end of the month. All done during overtime after each workout

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