Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Ground hog day - wait... That's a Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is fearless in the face of adversity. The Honey Badger doesn't care if the tasks that need to be done aren't fun, if they're going to hurt, or if they're going to take forever to complete. When confronted with having to chase dinner up a tree, skurry backwards, or burrow into a big ole stinging bee hive, the Honey Badger doesn't think about having to complete these unpleasant duties, the Honey Badger simply DOES. Honey Badger has food stolen,is ravaged by bees, and is mauled by a cobra, yet still maintains a toothy grin, a ferocious attitude, and keeps on doing work. The Honey Badger doesn't care about the difficulties dealt by life, Honey Badger doesn't care if he/she's tired, and Honey Badger certainly doesn't care about almost dying - what the Honey Badger does is keeps being Awesome.

Next time you take a look at the Workout and feel yourself make excuses for all the reasons you can't, or don't, want to do the workout, ask yourself "What Would the Honey Badger Do?" Would the Honey Badger give up because pullups blister the paws?! HECK NO! Would the Honey Badger skip the workout because it was "100 Burpees"? - NO! the Honey Badger would do 200! Does the Honey Badger stay at home because he's/she's hungover, wants to eat pizza, and watch "Next Top Model" instead of showing up at the Box? Whaaaat? Are you kidding!?! NO! the Honey Badger would hydrate, eat some larva, set a squat PR, do 100 pushups, and then chase a cobra through a beehive (totally Paleo AND hardcore!).

Harness your inner Honey Badger for the challenges both at the box and in life - don't Sweat about the small stuff, maintain your toothy grin and hard core attitude, and keep on trucking through the rough patches to get work done! Remember, the Honey Badger doesn't care if he/she is first or last when doing work, the Honey Badger only cares that the work GOT DONE. We all have a little Honey Badger in us - be Awesome and DO WORK!.

5 minutes to work on
Double Unders

The Crowley Box Honey Badger:
AMRAP in 15 minutes
run to dumpster
3 pull ups
6 push ups
12 single arm Snatches (6 each arm) 35/20

a total of 2 minutes of L sits

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