Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's only 7 minutes

What can you do in 7 mins?:
(Top Google Searches)
  1. If your in the mood - 7 minute Abs
  2. a short drive to work
  3. 7 minute lift
  4. run into the store and get a cup of coffee
  5. going through the drive through to get a snack
  6. an So on
What about 7 minutes worth of Burpees

So let's do it.

After that, let's do this:

In Stations:
3 rounds
1 minute each station with a running clock
Keep a running total
1st Station: - OH Squats
2nd Station - Knees To Elbows
3rd Station - Hammer hits on the tire
4th Station - Games Style Push ups

Max double unders in 1 minute

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