Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, "The Bella"

Think Simple and have fun

This past week and weekend has been rough. However, maybe because of the fact that the lenten season is coming up, I have had so much time to think about the things that we take for granted. Being couped up in a hospital has made me realize... we are so quick to dismiss the hard work that is needed for true success. In order see any type of result in any area of our life, TRUE work needs to be done. And those things don't come easy. If you want to lose weight, it takes daily effort and dedication. If we want our kids to do better in school, we have to work with them more. If we want better relationships with our loved ones, we have to put in the time.

We have to WORK. and WORK HARD.

After all of the time that we have been out of the gym this week, all I have thought about is "I want to be in the gym, but I miss my family, but I miss working out.." and on and on.
I thank God that we have so many friends that have been helping us open up the gym and letting people in for us. I also have been so thankful to the others that have not killed me for missing the morning classes. What a great group. I can't think of a better job to do then be with the group we have now.

Sometimes we need to think more Simply.

How is it that kids seem to be so resiliant? Unlike us, they actually want to be okay, they want to feel good. They long to just be happy doing the things that makes them happy. Their thought processes are simplee:
  1. food is fuel
  2. When I am sleepy, I need to sleep
  3. When I feel happy, I want to share that happiness with others
  4. Fun is usually compunded with physical activity
So for us, what will it take for us to be happy:
  1. do we want to lose weight
  2. do we want to feel better about ourselves
  3. do we want to look better
  4. do we want to be stronger?
  5. faster
  6. leaner
  7. AND SO ON
How about this?
Do what you need to do to be there for your family... emotionally, physically.
Live clean, workout, have fun, and eat right.

So here is a work out that I thought of today when I was looking at Bella in amazement that she is so strong.

Hand Stand push ups
10 wall walk ups
5 actual handstand push ups

WOD: "The Bella"

Each Couplet starts with a run to building 6

AMRAP in 5 minutes
5 pull ups
10 push ups

AMRAP in 5 minutes
5 Box jumps (10 if you are doing step ups)
10 KB swings

AMRAP in 5 minutes
5 Hang Power Cleans
10 Wall balls

Stretch and Foam roll

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