Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday - April Fools - Start of a new month

It is a start of another month. We will be doing measurement, testing and taking membership fees.
This week we will also be spending some time talking about Goals!
So start thinking about what your Goal is for the Crowley Box. Remember, Specific/measurable goals are the best ones. So dig deeper than "I want to lose weight". Let's be specifc (and realistic) like "I want to lose  lbs in April".

Tonight we will also be celebrating Tyler's Birthday

After measurements:

1 minute push up test
1 minute sit up test
1 miute step test

Birthday Workout:
3 Rounds for time
28 Squats
28 mountain climbers
28 db/kb swings
run to the end of the driveway

100 jump ropes for time

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