Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday - Smells like Team Spirit

It is time to hit a good team workout. During this workout, remember that there is no weak links in our teams. The strength of the team comes from the whole team. However, that means that sometimes, some of the stronger team members will have to work extra harder to keep things up.

The Bucket of Bricks Relay.
each team will bring back 1 brick at a time to fill up the bucket
Then.. as a team, carry the bucket down 400 meters.

Team workout:
As many Reps of possible in 15 minutes
-run to the end of the drive 50 meters
-Plyo Tire Squats
-Slam Balls
-Ring Rows

Each group will have 4 athletes.
At the start of the workout, each member will be at a different station.
The athlete on the run will run out to the end of the drive, then come back and tag the person on the Plyo Squats and take over the reps.
The person that was on the Plyo Squats will then go and tag the person on the Slam balls and take over the reps
And so on.... until the 15 minutes is over.

4 Square push ups

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