Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday - Cinco de Mayo

In Preparation for some fun Cinco de Mayo partying, I created this workout

"Berverage Carrying"
Carry 2 Dumbbells down to building 6 and back

Cinco Rounds for time:
10 DB Cleans - Practice for Flinging the "Beverages" onto your shoulder
Move to the first Red Carpeted Mat - Prep for "Party Hopping"
20 Russian Twists with DB - Keep that Core ready for more
10 DB Cleans - More "Beverage" Carrying
Move to the 2nd Red Carpet - Red carpet photo OP time
5 Burpees - We all know you might fall tonight, so practice getting up!
Carry DB around to the first Mat - Carry your "Beverages" to the next party

Mexican Jumping Beans
Max double unders in 2 minutes

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