Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thursday - Partner work Thursday


Partner work

We are going to do some fun partner work today. So bring your workout partner and get ready

All Stations are 3 minutes. We will go through 2 times. So a total of 18 minutes

Station 1Ball toss and passes
As a team you have to toss your Med ball back and forth on the Drive.
The score is how many times you can get the Med ball back and forth before time runs out

Station 2Run, shoulder press and situps
One partner runs while the other does pushpresses 95/65
then you will run and do sit ups until time is out.
Score will be total reps pushpress

Station 3:Tuck holds and ringrows
While one partner holds a tuck position on the bar, the other partner is doing horizontal ring rows. You can only do 10 Max at a time and 5 minimum before you tag team out

Team vs team on tire flip challenge.
Teams will go head to head on a tire flip dual.
Team 1 will flip tire, team 2 has 10 seconds to volley back. So on and sso on until a team can't volley back

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