Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday - Moment of Truth

It time for everyone that started the Paleo Challenge to do their Benchmark tests again.
It has been a very challenging 3 weeks for all of us. Throughout the ups and downs, I can honestly say that I have seen some Awesomeness, some Really Good, and some no-so-Good moments.
For those that didn't do so well, don't worry. Changing your habits doesn't happen over night. The Paleo lifestyle is not for everyone. Take this challenge as just that... A Challenge. Sometimes we can not rise to the occassion, but we have to keep trying in order to make changes in our lives.

Even is you didn't do as well as you had hoped, you will still see that your body changed in certain areas. Either inches lost, strength gained, or better endurance. So Good Luck!

Test 1Push up test - Max push ups in 1 minute

Test 2
Sit up test - Max anchored sit ups in 1 monute

Test 3
Plank test - Max hold in 1 position. Can not move from position to position (ie. from push up position to elbow position

Test 4
4 rounds of the following for time
-10 KB swings 35/20
-10 Step ups with lockout on top 24"/20"
-50 meter run

Earning Points
a Reminder on how the Points are earned:

  • Getting more reps on the push up and sit up tests at the end of the month. Each extra rep will count as 1 point
  • Holding the plank longer at the end of the month. Each extra second will count as 1 point
  • Reducing your time in Test 4. Each second of time done faster will earn 1 point
  • 5 bonus points will be awarded each week you bring a recipe and or a paleo dish to share with the group
  • 5 bonus points will be awarded each week you bring a food log
  • 5 PENALTY points will be given for each day you miss (example, if you are a 3 time a week person, and you only come 10 times in the 3 weeks instead of 12, you will be give -10 points for missing 2 times)

We will have awards for the top 3 winners and for the most improved in certain categories.

Prizes range from:
  • Gift Certificate from Darla's salon
  • a free masssage.
  • Advocare products
  • Zeal Products from Heith
  • and More!

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