Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paleo Challenge results

The Paleo results are in. It was a close race, but there was a Decisive winner.

First let's talk about the totals as a BOX:

Weight Loss: 50 lbs total
Inches lost: 45
Pushups gained: 153
Situps gained: 75
plank hold gained: 14 minutes
WOD time gained: 22 mintes

Now for the individual results:
Everyone here gets a CrossFit Cup
Most weight loss: Lisa Boultinghouse
Most % of weight loss: Annalyn Evans
Most inches lost: Marissa Cabral
Most improved Pushups: Lisa Boultinghouse (18 more)
Most improved Situps: Caprice Klenke (14 more)
Most improved Plank: April Walters (4 minutes more)
Most improved WOD: Julie Ballentine (2:38 faster)

The Overall Winner...

April Walters!

April wins the following:
Darla's Salon Gift Cert.
Massage by Amber
CrossFit Cup
T-shirt (from Get Your Bling On)

2nd Place Winner:...
Julie Ballentine

Julie wins the following:
CrossFit Cup
Zeal For Life Protein (from Heith Gammons)
Zeal For Life drink (from Heith)
Advocare Rehydrate gel

3rd Place Winner...
Karla Cox 

Karla wins the following:
CrossFit Cup
Zeal For Life drink (from Heith Gammons)
Advocare Rehydrate Gel

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