Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday - Bday WOD "Combat Barbie"

Happy 40th Birthday to one of our dearest friends. We are so happy to call her part of our family.
Kristi has become such a huge part of CrossFit Success in so many ways.

We are happy to all work our butts off today during this Birthday WOD and then celebrate afterwards!

Thank you George, Nana, and the boys for letting us borrow Kristi every once in a while.
40 Meter partner tire flip

"Kristi's 40"
Done in Partner pairs for time:
40 Deadlifts using 1 bar 155/85
40 Meter Farmers Carry using 1 bar 155/85
40 shoulder-to-shoulder Push presses using 1 bar 135/65
40 Meter farmers carry using 1 bar 135/65
40 KB swings 35/20
40 Med ball situps
40 Med ball Burpee Ball passes 20/15
40 Lunges

40 barbell Hip Thrusters

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