Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday - Benchmark WOD "Karen"

I was asked today if I have ever heard of some of the "Girl" WODs that CrossFit does. My answer of course was "YES!".

I have always preferred to create my own WODs for my Box because it allows me to create the proper variety for our diverse athletes.
However, I think now we are going to have to start throwing some of the 'ol Girl Wods into the Mix.
So for our first one this week, we are going to do one of my favorties: "Karen"

Buy in:
3 rounds of
20 weighted situps
20 flutter kicks
20 hip thrusters

150 wall Balls for time 20/15
 Beginners will do as a partner team or do 1/2 of the WOD

4 x 100 meter repeats:
Every 1 minute, we will repeat the 100 for 4 rounds

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