Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday - Football WOD

We have had a great week so far. The WOD today was tough, but we have to keep going.
Remember our Competition is on the 27th.

If anyone wants to go , ask me for details. The competition is in Longview, TX. at 8:00am. There are 3 WODs, so we will be there until about 12pm if anyone wants to maybe make it there for one of the later WODS.

Having an audience would be great for our team of 10.

Snatch Ladder
Guys start with 75, and work your way up
Girls start with 45 and work your way up

Team WOD:
Football Style:

Quarter 1 - Thrusters 95/65
Quarter 2 - Hand Release Burpee Plate Jumps
Quarter 3 - Snatches 95/65
Quarter 4 - Hollow Rocks

6 Ball over bar tosses
9 Touch Ground touch bars

100 Meter Repeats
Every 30 seconds run 100 Meters
For 5 minutes

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