Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday - Team Work and Hitting that PR

I can't believe that we have almost been here for 1 year. What an amazing journey. Every day is a blessing and we still continue to grow.
And not because of false promises, or pushing our name out there blindly.
But Organically! Every person at CrossFit Success is here because of someone else. Someone who trusted us with their journey.
From the High School athlete, all the way up the new Grandmother, we have trained and continue to train so many people.

One thing that I said back then and will say now... "We are here to stay!"

Most importantly, I am so impressed by seeing more tenured athletes coaching our newbies. As a coach, that is the greatest gift, students becoming teachers!

And I love seeing posts like "I finally did it!" or
 "Thank you James for teaching me how to do that!"
They remind me of why I started the Crowley Box in the first place. To create a Box that has:
-Real People
-using Real Fitness
-and gaining Real Results!
That's it! But guess what... It takes work!The kind of work that every one of you always say is "impossible" or that you "Can't do"
Guess what? You can do it.

You can achieve the impossible. Like when one of our members said she could never do a pull up and now can do 10 in a row.

Or the time when another member said that there is no way she could stand up on her hands, and now she can do multiple hand stand PUSHUPS!

That is what the PR Bell is really for.
For you to stand up and finally ring a bell for YOURSELF!
not me, not the Crowley Box, YOU!

I was just the catalyst, the one person that is tired of seeing people quit and tired of hearing people give up on themselves.

Remember, The only person that can make you faster, better, stronger is YOU!


Max Air Squats 2 minutes (enter into your max book)

Team workout AMRAP in 15 mins:
-Farmer's Carry 50/35 each hand
-Anchored Situps
-Pull ups
-Wall Ball 15/10

Max double unders 2 minutes

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