Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday - Move that Bar!

With Goal setting coming up next week. We want to plan ahead.

Part 1:
This is what I can tell you about your goals...

Goals are like plants, if you don't feed them every once in a while, they will die and wither.

Setting a goal is great, but you have to revisit that goal weekly to see what progress has been made on it.

Want to get stronger, you need to set an attainable, measurable goal. Saying you want to be as strong as the Rock is not a good goal.

Saying you want to be able to bench 350 lbs like the Rock is a better goal... but maybe unattainable if you are a 5 foot 5 female.

Saying you want to increase your bench press by 20 lbs in the next month is a perfect goal. It is realistic, measurable, and has a time stamp on it.

Part 2:No matter how hard you try, if you set a goal, you have to actually train for that goal:

If you have a goal to do double unders by the end of Dec... Then guess what... you need to practice double unders... several times a week, unless you have an injury that prevents you from doing so.

The same can be said with FAT loss... if you want to lose fat, then you have to understand how fat gets put on and how fat gets burned off. 

Going on a crash fad diet to lose fat doesn't make any sense... You didn't do your home work.

CrossFit is a great program, but if you have a specific goal, you need to come in early, stay late, work harder and most importantly, ask for help. I have been told that I am a pretty good coach. Or even better, get someone else who I have coached already who has mastered that movement and ask them for help. Peer learning is AMAZING.


Partner for beginners
solo for adv

2 rounds for time
load up your bar in a relay fashion (one piece at a time)
Plates and bar will be set up on a plyo box

-complete 20 Deadlifts 205/105
take off 2 plates
-farmers carry 50 Meters 185/85
take off plates
-20 Push press 95/65

finish taking off the plates and then restart relay for round 2.
Time stops when the last plate is on the Plyo box

10 Lsit swings
50 feet Spider man crawls

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