Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wodaholic Wednesday - 2 wods 1 day

Do you smile about your workouts?
Do you get a little bit nervous about your workouts?

If either of these are true, then you are starting to adapt your body and mind to the idea of working out.
It takes about 3 months for all of this to kick in, you have to give it some time.

The people over at Men's fitness agree.
According to an article in their magazine, the #2 mistake made by new CrossFitters is not giving it enough time

2. Not Staying Regular
To progress in CrossFit, athletes must commit themselves to the sport. "I always tell my athletes that 'Rome wasn’t built in a day'," says Lanier. As with any sport, in order to get better at it, it must remain a constant in your life...
So if you are not seeing results after your 1 month or 3 weeks. Give it some time.
I always tell people that "Consitency is the Magic Pill" - Coach James

So stick with it.

10 alternating single arm hand stands
or 10 wall climbs

EMOM for 10 mins (we didn't get to this on Tues)
1 Power Clean 135/85
1 Push Press to Back
1 Sntach balance
Return to front and Ground (no Dropping)

5 Rounds for time
5 toes to bar
25 feet plank positioned dumbbell crawl 35/20
100 meter run
(10 min cap)

Group Foam Roll

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