Monday, January 28, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 25 - Partner up!

Have you ever had to hold someone else up?

Sometimes you need to ask for help when you are trying to improve your life. That is what makes a strong person stronger, admitting that he/she needs help.

Take this chance to use a partner to go faster, lift more, and move beyond your normal comfort levels.
Dig deep,

Back Squat
70% of max

Partner WOD
5 Minute AMrepsAP
Max Reps Double Unders in 5 Mins
-Rest 3 Mins-5 min AMRAP -
15 Wall Ball
15 rep Snatch (135/95)
– Rest 3 min –5 min AMRAP
15 KB Swings 35/20
15 Max rep Jerk (135/95)
– Rest 3 min –5 min AMRAP
15 HSPU (or Pushups)
15 Max reps Deadlift (225/185)
-Rest 3 Min-5 min AMRepsAP
Max Thrusters (95/65)
*Only one person working at a time

Foam Roll and Mobility

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