Monday, March 4, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 53 - Birthday WOD "Natalie"

Happy 37 Years Natalie. You are an awesome friend and athlete. You have come so far with our group and you are on your way to even greater things. You have gotten leaner, stronger, and faster.

Here is your Birthday WOD:

200 Meter OH Squat Leaps - With PVC Pipe
Try to make it under 37 Leaps

WOD: "The Nat"
With a 3 minute repeating Clock
37- Box Jumps
37- Kettle Bell Poppers
37- Ring Rows
37- lunges
37- Floor Sweepers 95/65
*example: on the Box jump station, you have 3 minutes to complete 37 box jumps - If you complete them before the 3 minutes, you earn 1 point and any time left over is rest time before the Clock starts over at 3 minutes
**If you do not finish the box jumps in the 3 minutes, you do not earn a point for that station and you have to move right on to the next station with no rest.

37 Hollow Rocks
37 Bicycle sit ups
37 Knees to Chesk

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