Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday - WOD 79 - "The wonderful Ladder"

From this day forward, all "death by..." WODs will be referred to as "The wonderful Ladder of..."

Meaning that on minute 1, you will do 1 rep, minute 2, you will do 2 reps and so on until you can no longer continue!

Sound fun?

We'll see!

10 TGUs on each side
With increasing weight if possible.

WOD 1:
The Wonderful Ladder of Cleans
135/95, intermediate - 115/75 beginner - 95/65
-Power cleans or squat cleans are okay
-must leave from the ground on each rep
-must hit a good "rack" position on top

The Wonderful Ladder of Burpee Bar touches
-must hit chest to ground on burpees
-must hit both hands on a pull up bar on top
-must use a bar that you can touch while standing with arms stretched up (don't cheat yourself)

Get some nox jumps in (time to play catch up)

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