Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 89 - Post OPEN To Do List

Now that the CrossFit Open is over and behind us, I wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to know how I felt about the open. I have 3 thoughts:

  1. I am so proud of everyone that took part in the Open. Not just the ones that actually signed up, but all of you who were there every Friday and Sunday seeing how you would do against the 5 WODs
  2. I am glad that we can get back to normal programming now. It was very difficult to get in certain WODs when I wanted to save everyone's arms because of a Pull up WOD or everyone's legs before the Wall ball WOD. 
  3. Time to reevaluate your "Goat Work" list. Goat work is the work or movements that  you know you need to get better at, but currently SUCK at. I have my list from the Open and am ready to start tackling that list. 
    1. Remember that we "Fail at the margins of our experience" ~ Coach Glassman
    2. This means learning new things, not cherry picking your workouts, and coming on the "Hard" days.
Let's knock some of these out in order to get our skill and strength up:

Strength 1:
in Groups of 3-4 (10 min cap)
Bench Press
With 2 second pause at the Bottom

Strength 2: 
For time: (10 minute Cap)
50 false Grip Ring Rows
With a 20 second Squat hold at the start of each minute

Strength 3:
For time (10 min Cap)
50 Power Cleans 115/75 advanced 95/65 intermediate
with a 20 second plank hold at the start of every minute

400 Meter OH plate Carry 25/15

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