Friday, July 26, 2013

Saturday - WOD 176 - CrossFit Success Baseball

20 meters spider man crawls (working those shoulder and hip joints)

Baseball WOD:
in teams - each team will play defense and offense for each inning. They will have a shot at offense, then have to play defense to prevent the other team from scoring:
5 innings

Defense will always be the following:
20 meters of Walking KB or DB swings
Beginners will just do 10 Meters

Q1 – 1 burpees, 2 Thrusters 95/65 = 1
Q2 – 1 snatch 95/65, 2 jump over bars = 1
Q3 – Slam balls 20/15, each rep = 1
Q4 – Med Ball situps 20/15

First inning: Team 1 will be on defense trying to finish the defensive workout as quickly as possible. Each person on the defense has to finish in order to stop the offense of team 2.
Team 2 will be on offense. They get to score as many reps as possible before the last person from team 1 finishes the defense.

Then...they will switch place, now team 1 will be on defense and team 2 will be on offense.
After this, Quarter 1 will be over and we will start quarter 2

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