Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thursday - WOD 156 - Aunt Sam's Gantlet

Happy Independence Day!

For our 4th of July WOD, we are not only celebrating our Independence, we are also celebrating Sam Ellis' Bday.

So happy Birthday America and Aunt Sam!
Make sure to Wear Red, White, and Blue

28 Firework Sumo Pops

In teams of 4 (and yes, we will probably have to do multiple waves of this if we have a ton of peeps)
This is a Gauntlet so a team member doesn't advance to the next exercise until the team member in front of them is finished with their reps

28 push press 95/65
28 slam balls
28 Calorie Row
28 plate Sit ups 25/15
28 Box Jumps 24/20
28 KB Swings 40/22

Once the last person has come through and finished their KB swings, the entire team will work on completing 28 Tire Flips (only 2 people flipping at once)

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