Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 178 - team work tuesday

Back squats
1x6 @ 60%
1x6 @ 65%
1x6 @ 70%

Partner WOD
Part 1
partner deadlift holds 95/65
Other partner runs 200 m
On the return, the partners hand off weight
Then 2nd partner runs while the other holds
On the return
Complete 25 partner presses

Part 2
Complete same as above
On final return
Complete 25 floor sweepers each
bar can not touch the ground

Part 3
Same as above
On the final return
25 hang power cleans each
Bar can not touch the ground

At any point, if there bar touches the ground, it is a 3 burpee penalty at that moment for each team member

15 negative chin ups

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