Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday - WOD 180 - Open Source Fitness - Secrecy is the enemy!

Coach Glassman says that CrossFit is "Open Source Fitness." This means that we share our programming, our ideas, our goals, or passions and more.

Furthermore, in the CrossFit journal, it was said that...
More broadly, and more importantly, open source has come to denote a collaborative style of project work, wherein ad hoc groups of motivated individuals—often connected only by the Internet— come together around a shared development objective that advances a particular technical frontier for the common good
 When the CrossFit model was created by Coach Glassman, he decided even then, that in order for every affiliate to be successful, an open-door policy had to be applied. And guess what, SECRECY is the enemy!

 From the CrossFit journal...
Let’s examine some of the key open-source concepts
delineated by Raymond and map them to CrossFit:
The importance of having users.
The open-source approach sets up conditions for
independent peer review.
Secrecy is the enemy of quality.
Give away the recipe, open a restaurant.
“Free as in speech, not as in beer.”
On secrecy as the enemy of quality: Engineering that
does not get tested in the real world—especially against
competing approaches—is rarely of high quality. CrossFit
is based on black-box experimentation: work done in the
open with lots of inputs leading to lots of outputs that
further refine the program. Frequent and open testing
against rival systems is part of the process. When your stuff
is good, the right instinct is to share it, not hide it. 
10 cartwheels

There are 2 definitions of a Chipper:
  1. You are Chipping away at a large workout, bit by bit, until you are done.
  2. You are gradually Chipping away at your body, shedding away the fat and weakness with every rep you take


  1. 12 pullups
  2. 12 Hand Release pushups
  3. 12 abmat situps
  4. 12 lunges
  5. 12 burpees
  6. 12 deadlifts 135/95
  7. 12 single Arm snatches 35/22
  8. 12 mountain climbers
  9. 12 kettle Bell Swings 35/22
  10. 12 body Squats
  11. 12 Knees 2 Elbows
  12. 12 over the shoulder med ball lifts 20/15

  1. Overtime
    1. Mobility - Hip flexor stretches

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