Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday - WOD 204 - The Dwain 1K

Strength, Compassion, Family, Spirit Filled, Passionate... and so much more
And to top it all off, he is a strong supporter of our CF Success Family.
I can't begin to name all of the things that Dwain has had a hand in at our gym... Hanging signs, fixing things, moving things, and so much more.

So for all of this, I want to thank him by programming this beast of a WOD
Plus we are celebrating hitting our 1000th like on Facebook.

"The Dwain 1k"
In teams of 2 or 3
2 rounds of:
50 tire hits
50 meter tire flip (must be done right after tire hits)
50 Ring Rows
50 Hang Power cleans 95/65
50 Shoulder to OH 95/65
50 OH plate lunges 25/15
50 Burpees (3 max per partner)
50 Single Arm KB Snatches 35/22
50 renegade rows 35/20
50 Plate to Toe V-ups

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