Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thursday - WOD 190 - Birthday WOD "Kristi Klund"

Happy Bday Kristi
We are so glad that you are part of our group. You have been amazing to coach. We also love that you are so helpful to so many people that you workout with.

Here is your birthday WOD

Skill/strength: (this is meant to be a heavier session)
The wonderful ladder of Clean and Jerks 135/95
Minute 1 – 1 rep
Minute 2 – 2 reps
And so on until you can’t continue within the minute

WOD: "Kristi Klund"
With a 3 minute repeating Clock
44- Box Jumps
44- Kettle Bell Poppers
44- OH lunges 25/15
44- Double Unders (132 singles)
44- Floor Sweepers 95/65

*example: on the Box jump station, you have 3 minutes to complete 44 box jumps - If you complete them before the 3 minutes, you earn 1 point and any time left over is rest time before the Clock starts over at 3 minutes
**If you do not finish the box jumps in the 3 minutes, you do not earn a point for that station and you have to move right on to the next station with no rest.

44 Hollow Rocks
44 flutter kicks

44 scissor kicks

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