Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 188 - "The Lizard"

Have you ever met a person that just made sense?
Someone that didn't even realize it, but she made people around her smile?

Jennifer and I met such a person the day Liz came into our Box.
Just like all of her friends, she was full of spirit and anxious to learn.

As we all became closer to her, we realized that this is one of those scenarios where a person walks into your life for a few brief moments, shakes things up, leaves a permanent mark, then moves on to other things.

The mark that was left behind?
Athletes and friends come in all sizes, shapes, educational backgrounds, and beliefs.

So we are a better community to have known Liz. Now we wish her all the best as she moves on to new adventures.

The WOD was created by our mutual awesome friend Steph Tee.

Power Snatch (with 1 sec pause at the knee)
7 @ 50%
7 @ 60%
7+ @ 70%
Notate how many reps are achieved at the final weight

"The Lizard"
6 min EMOM
5 thrusters adv. 135/95 Int. 95/65
3 HSPU adv. on the wall. Int on boxes
(6=the number of months Liz has been crossfitting with CFS. 5=the number of years she has for this degree. 3=her 3rd degree in school)

6 min AMRAP
7 pullups
6 deadlift 135/95
6 pistols - adv no support - int. use band or bar for assistance

(6=months with CFS. 766=the number of miles between Fort Worth, TX and Denver, Colorado)

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Anonymous said...

This is so sweet, guys!! I hate that I am in Detroit for work or I would definitely be out there doing this WOD. She is lucky to have met all of you too, by the way. She knows that she will forever search for a box, for people like you and come up empty. That is the difference you made in her life. - Katie Franks