Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday - WOD 238 - Bday WOD "Abs and Mimi"

Happy Bday to the Wonder Twins. 29 years times 2! This is going to be fun partner WOD. Looking forward to it

Strict Press From Behind the Neck
60% of Strict Press Max for each set

Push Press
60%-70%-80%-90% of Push Press Max or Press Max

Partner WOD
2 Rounds
29 Partner Wall ball Passes 20-15
29 Plate Sit up Passes (pass the plate after each rep) 25/15
29 Alternating Plate Burpees (Athlete 1 burpees onto the plate, then jumps back so that athlete 2 can complete a burpee)
29 Pullups (Alternating Pullups - Both Partners must be hanging from the bar to start work)

29 Meter down 29 meters back Tire Flip
to Suite 360

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