Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday - WOD 245 - WOD for GOD

How important is staying the course?  Marriages end in divorce when couples do not stand fast.  Businesses lose valuable assets when employees decide to leave because they received a “better offer”.  Even the body of Christ is fractured because people don’t plant themselves but choose to hop from one church to another looking for just the “right” one.  Think of how different our culture would be if more of us were “Planted”.  There would be more unity, cohesion, togetherness, and sense of belonging.

What does it mean to be “planted” or be “steadfast”?  Keeping our promises, staying true to our marriages, being faithful to our employers, believing God and His Word are all good examples of being “planted”.  Being “planted” is like using an anchor to hold you in place.  Rather than being swept away by the floods of life, being planted helps you be anchored on the rock.

When we are steadfast and “planted” in these things, the Bible tells us we will not be afraid and God will establish us. 

They are not afraid of evil tidings; their hearts are firm, secure in the Lord.Psalm 112:7
How about you?  Are you standing fast in your faith?  How about your relationships?  Are you steadfast in your promises?  Choose to be anchored to the rock – to Christ the Rock, anchor of our souls.

3x3 Back Squat with Pause at the bottome (70% of Back Squat Max)
3x5 Good Mornings from the Hang position (Light weight - Approx 35% of Clean Max)

EMOM for 7 Mins
3 x Burpee - Deadlift - Hang from above the knee Power Clean - Power Jerk (70% of Clean Max)

EMOM for 7 minutes
3 x Burpee - Jump to bar - Pullup - Knee to Elbow (chest to Bar and Toes 2 Bar for Advanced)

10 alternating pistols (or progressions)
Max distance handstand walk (best of 3 attempts)

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