Friday, December 27, 2013

Saturday - WOD 309 - Birthday WOD (Quinn)

You must be dressed up in full competition gear. Leg sleeves, headbands, matching shorts, nano shoes, arm sleeves, wrist wraps etc

The shirtless wonder is a year older. This guy has from the start been an amazing blessing to our Box. Not only has he quickly become one of the best Athletes I have ever coached, he is also an amazing friend, father, husband, nephew, and more.

So here is to you Quinnby

Birthday 12/29/83

 30 slam balls for time

with a partner
start with 400 meter run
5 rounds for time
12 squat cleans at 70% of max
29 Deadlifts using the same weight
83 double unders (166 singles)
finish with 400 meter run

partners can trade off as often as needed

30 second max distance handstand walk


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Tangki Panel said...

Hello ....

Who is Mod Quinn?