Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday - WOD 302 - CFS Team Battle

Wow, I have seen so many top 10 lists lately. There is a CrossFit best 10 kept secrets, top 10 reasons to love CrossFit, and even a top 10 List of reasons to hate CrossFit.

I believe that the reason there are so many of these lists is because everyone is so desperately trying to find the Hidden secret to being a better CrossFitter.
I myself remember thinking there had to be some sort of magic pill that someone could take to get better. Everyone is in search of that magic speed rope, faster shoe, better supplement and so on.

So I decided to come up with my own top ten list of how to become better at CrossFit.

  1. Consistency is the magic pill - I have said this time and time again. No matter how hard you can try to justify not doing so, all Success Stories begin with consistency. This means that you have to stick to something for longer than it takes to read another top ten list and ditch what you were doing before.
  2. Be THERE. So often people show up, but don't really "show up". You are at your box, you might as well give your coach and fellow athletes your full attention and get some work done.
  3. Be positive - I know that Life can get us down sometimes, but having a negative outlook in life can lead to higher stress which can then lead to other mental and physical illnesses.
  4. Follow our 3 levels of motivation - Self, Peer, and Coach. You brought yourself here, so recognize that you are moving in the right direction. Allow yourself to be inspired and motivated by your fellow athletes. On the same token, take some time to inspire and motivate others. Lastly, ask your Coach questions - OFTEN. Point 1 and point 2 is dependent on allowing yourself to be coached. 
  5. Work on your SUCK List often - CrossFit is all about trying new things. Many of the athletes that I see are afraid to work on things that they are not good at. So they focus on the things they are good at. This is why you see runners continuing to run or work on Traditional cardio and lifters continue to just lift. You have to keep mixing it up and work on your Suck list. Again, if you show up Consistently, you will by virtue of the programming, get that mix that you need
  6. Don't put the CrossFit blinders on. Now that you are working on your SUCK list, don't ditch your normal programming. Too often an athlete will start working on their SUCK list and all of the sudden, they have OCD (obsessive CrossFit disorder). This is where an athlete will find a new weakness in their arsenal and then that is all they work on until they A. Perfect that move but forget everything else they learned in the process OR B. they get injured because all they are working on is that new movement. All things come with time but  you must stick to the programming and allow the proper evolution of any movement happen (remember, crawl, walk, then run?)
  7. Have patience. This goes right along with #6. Most of the things we learn in CrossFit are done in progressions for a reason. First and foremost, injury prevention. How many stories have you read about a guy who is working on Pull up, but blew out his shoulder because he never had the basic strength to even do a strict pullup? Second, we all know that you have to fail occasionally in order have success. Have patience... your coach knows what he/she is talking about when they show you the proper progressions
  8. Never Work out Frustrated - I say this every day... and why... because it sucks. I want you to push yourself, I want you to get outside of your comfort zone, but if you are frustrated with a movement or worried about a potential injury... STOP! Take a quick step back and scale as needed so that you can keep moving forward. I am not impressed by the guy or girl that keeps moving with a weight that is too heavy and ends up hurting themselves just because they wanted to Rx. I am also not impressed with the athlete that leaves pissed off because they couldn't do a certain movement. We have all been there, we try something new and if we can't do it, we back off and keep moving forward. Then on another day we look back at #5, but keep moving forward
  9. Never compare your beginning to another athletes middle - Classic mistake. A new person walks into a box, sees a CrossFit veteran, then freaks out because they can't do all of the same things. Although this is sometimes the first on people's lists, I wanted to point out that the Veterans have been through Numbers 1-8 in order to get to where they are now. In fact, every day might be a beginning to something that you are just learning ever if you have been CrossFitting for years.
  10. After you are done, get up and motivate someone else. If you have made it through Numbers 1-9 and you are on your way to being a better CrossFitter, take the time to push someone else who is still working. 

Power Position Muscle Snatch + Snatch balance
Empty Bar only

Team WOD
There are 4 rounds
Round 1, each team gets a shot at challenging the other team to a 1 min body weight movement
Round 2, each team gets a shot at challenging the other team to a 2 min Plate movement
Round 3, each team gets a shot at challenging the other team to a 3 min Oly bar movement
Round 4, each team gets a shot at challenging the other team to a 4 min AMRAP involving bodyweight, plates, or the Oly bar

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