Monday, December 16, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 300 - The "300"

In honor of our 300th WOD this year, we are going to do the "300" workout.
This was the first CrossFit workout that I ever did about 4 years ago.
It was extremely fun and challenging. This workout was created by Gym Jones since they trained the actors for the movie "300".

400 Meter OH plate Carry
50 double unders (150 singles)
20 calorie Row

“300 Workout”
25 Pull Ups
50 Dead Lifts 135M/95W
50 Push Ups
50 Box Jumps 24M/18W
50 Floor Wipers 135M/95W
50 Kettlebell Cleans 35M/20W

25 Pull Ups

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