Monday, December 30, 2013

Tuesday - WOD 311 - New Year's Eve (365 days of CrossFit)

I am so excited about ending this year and starting a new one. Only for one reason


So many new friends, new PRs, new members, new adventures, and more. I can't wait to see what the new year holds for us all.

We have overcome so much and have come out on top stronger than ever.

2013 Recap
  • we had our First In-house competition called "Wodaholic". It was an epic competition that gave so many of us a chance to compete.

  • started the CrossFit open which was an awesome time experiencing the thrill of the CrossFit games

  • We started the WOD for God which has been so important to us. 
  • Cyrus and Liz dominated at the Festivus competition
  • I judged for the 2nd year at the CrossFit South Central regional in San Antionio. We had a huge group travel down there to watch the excitement
  • I met Vernard "V" Jenkins II . He was a "Quiet" first time judge that kicked butt and judged awesomely.
  • V and his buddy Tarric came over to visit our box. Then they invited us to something called the "South Bound Throwdown"
  • We had a team of athletes do the Spartan and the Color Run, and a huge group of 29 people do the Mud Run
  • We competed in the B-town BEATDOWN. Had several athletes place
  • We went to our First "southbound throwdown"
  • Made the Decision to move to CrossFit Success 3.0. (Best decision we ever made)
  • We had a huge moving party to the new BOX
  • We went to our Second Southbound Throwdown.
  • The CrossFit Games we over and we were all inspired.
  • Coach Jill Got her Level 1 Cert
  • Coach Kari and her Wild Bunch started with us. And oh boy are they wild!
  • We had an Amazing group show up for our "Raising the Bar for Autism" competition. It was so much fun
  • We had our 3rd Southbound Throwdown
  • We got to 1000 likes in facebook. Then we had an epic WOD
  • Sabrina had her first Pro Fight. We had a huge group in attendance. And yes... she won
  • We had an 80's themed party for Jen, Tamera and Chris. Only words can describe the fun we had that night.

  • We supported our Friends at CrossFit Drakon as they opened up their doors.
  • We went to our 4th Southbound throwdown
  • We competed in the Team Scream Competition
  • Coach James got my USAW Level 1 Lifting Certificate
  • Coaches Tamera and Ashley got their Level 1 CrossFit Certs
  • We went to our 5th Southbound throwdown
  • We helped support the opening of the Joshua Box. Tamera, Chris and Ashley had a crazy opening day workout planned for us
  • We celebrated our 2 year Anniversary
  • We had our first WOD and Wine. Remember the Wrecking ball?
  • We were sponsors at the Burleson Wine Crawl - It was an epic night
  • We had a competition at CrossFit DFW. Our teams did awesome
  • Sabrina had her second Fight. And yes... she won
  • We had a huge group participate in the Coldest Savage Race Ever. Burrr.
  • We had a group of athletes compete at the Wodapalooza. 
  • We had an epic Snow storm
And we are done with this Year

 We are going to do our 365 workout, no partners, you are on your own... to discover your own journey, fight your own battles, own your own rank....

Time for self discovery... Let's see what you have!

Single Arm Grace
30 Barbell Ground to OH movements 95/65 advanced - 75/55 int -  55/35 beginners

365 days of 2013 (365 Reps)
5 rounds (3 rounds for beginners)

10 KB Single Arm Snatches 35/20 
10 Hang Power Cleans 95/65
10 Dumbell Renegade Rows 35/20
10 slam balls 20/15
11 Knees to elbows
11 hand release pushups
11 OH Squats 95/65


Pick one item from your "Max sheet" to work on and destroy

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