Monday, January 13, 2014

Tuesday - WOD 13 - Birthday WOD (Audrey)

Happy Birthday Audrey. I can't believe how far you have come. From that shy little girl that could hardly lift the bar to a grown up CrossFitter that can do just about anything that I throw at you.

Her Birthday is January 14, 1988

So for your Birthday, here are a few of your favorite things

15 minutes to find a 1RM snatch
Beginners - 15 minutes to work on 3 position snatch with empty

14 min AMRAP
1 hspu
2 pistols (make sure to check out the video for Scaled movements)
6 power cleans 135/95
14 box jumps 24/20

26 cartwheels

Extra Strength work (Elite lifters)
Back Squat - 5 sets of 5 @75%
Block Clean (knee) - 5 sets of 3@70%
Stiff leg DL - 5 sets of 3 @60% (of back squat)

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