Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wednesday - WOD 20 - WOD for GOD

Today I wanted to talk about patience. Especially because I keep hearing concerns from certain athletes about things not happening quick enough or about not being able to continue because of too many roadblocks.
While at the same time, other athletes are moving slowly, but moving towards their goals.

The Difference you might ask?


We learn from the bible that we cannot dwell on doing the best, or having the best, we have to be patient:

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. ~Galatians 6:9

If you look at other examples, you will see that great things can happen to those who are patient.

  • Remember the Little League team from Uganda in 2011. This team had 2nd hand equipment (not the best by any means) and still became the first African nation to qualify for the Little League World Series. 
    • Many of us bind our success to the best CrossFit shoes, best CrossFit gear, and other stuff that is just for show.
  • There is also the story Jason J-mac McElwain. He was born with Autism but had a passion for Basketball. This passion helped him become a manager on his high School's Basketball team. Through the years, he practiced and practiced. Knowing that he would probably never play, he still practiced because of his love for the sport. On the last game of his last year of high school, his coach surprised him by giving him a jersey and letting him play once the team had a safe lead. After missing his first 2 shots, J-mac surprised the world by sinking six 3-pointers during the final minutes of the game. Talk about Patience! he waited years for the world to see what he could do, but he never gave up.
    • Do we have this kind of patience to wait? If not, what can we do to learn that patience
  • And my personal favorite story, because it is about a wrestler, is about Anthony Robles from Arizona State University. Anthony Robles was an amazing wrestler that had a 36-0 record during his final year of wrestling. The remarkable thing about Anthony? He only had 1 Leg. He patiently worked, trained, and dominated his sport because he was Patient. 
    • How many of us miss workouts and give up because of Lesser issues?

I have always said: "Consistency is the magic pill"
And along with consistency, we must all learn patience in that journey.

5 Mins Total
200m Run
AMRAP Remaining
6 Thrusters (95/65)
6 Bar hop overs 

‐‐Rest 2 Mins‐‐‐

5 Mins Total
200m Run
AMRAP Remaining
6 kettle bell swings (52/35)
6 kettle bell Situps

‐‐‐Rest 2 mins‐‐‐‐

5 Mins total
200m Run
AMRAP Remaining
6 wall balls (20/15)
6 full body plyo pushups

hand stand walking progressions

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