Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thursday - WOD 109 - Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

Happy Birthday Kelly. We are so happy that you have part of our CrossFit family. You have come so far in all areas of fitness.

And this WOD is going to be so Epic, it had to be called the Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

Because Kelly is so good at Tie Breakers...
Each class will do 36 single arm snatches 50/35 as fast as possible. If there is a tie, everyone has to do 1 minute of burpees.
If there are no tie breakers, everyone has to do the difference of the slowest time and the fastest time.
Example: Slowest time for 36 kb swings is in 60 seconds and and the fastest time is 30 seconds, then everyone has to do 30 burpees

5 rounds of the following for time
400 meter run
3 burpee pullups
6 Power Cleans 135/95
*25 min cap

6 rounds of 6 (36 total)
Shoot throughs (beginners use 2 boxes, Rx use parallettes

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