Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wednesday - WOD 124 - keep on

One of my favorite lines from a movie .

"Keep on keeping on! " ~ Joe Dirt

That line has actually been in several movies and songs throughout the years.

However, I always remember that simple lesson... when you are down, tired, and ready to quit... You have to keep on trying, keep on moving, keep on keeping on.

Sure, as a coach I can push you, so can your other coaches and friends.
However, you must make the first move. You have to decide to keep moving forward.

This week is no different. We are all tired, we are all facing difficulties at work, at home etc. But we must all decide to keep on going.

Strict pullups
3 sets of 7 (use a band as needed)

-Hand stand pushups (use a box for scaled) head must touch the ground for Rx
- front squats 195/125
- burpees

Max plank hold

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