Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday - WOD 219 - Aly's Farewell

I could say this same thing for so many of our Athletes, but I am going to say it any way...
Saying goodbye Sucks!
Each of our Athletes, in their own way, is like family to us.

In this case, We found a little sister named Aly.
The first week she was with us, we knew we had our hands full when she told us that she was really frustrated because she couldn't do double unders... Keep in mind, this was her FIRST WEEK!

After explaining that some things take time, she said okay, I will just get it next week!
After a few more days, guess what?.... She got her double unders!

So much of what Aly has set out to do with us she has done. Even the elusive Bar muscle up!

That is why we say this about ALY:
She believed she Could, So She DID!
And now, she is leaving us!
She is moving back home to further her Career.

She will be missed

15 minutes to work on Bar Muscle ups/pullups

20 Min AMRAP
Buy in: 400 Meter run
1 Deadlift 225/155
1 pullup
1 pushup
1 Air Squat
2 deadlifts
2 pullups
2 pushups
2 air squats
3 deadlifts
3 pullups
3 pushups
3 air squats
And so on increasing by 1 rep each round until the 20 min cap

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