Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday - WOD 209 - "The Teenage Shuffle"

Happy birthday to Mickaela, one of our teenage beasts.

Mickaela and her mom & dad have been kicking some serious butt in our box.

Everyone loves Mickaela and we are so proud to have her with  our CFS Family.

Although Kaela thinks I'm so old i would forget to program her WOD, I didn't.

So here it is, i call it "The teenage Shuffle"

Warm up

"The teenage Shuffle"
In teams of 3-5
2 rounds per team member
18 calorie row
18 kb swings 50/35
18 burpee pullups
18 box jumps
18 hang cleans 115/80
100 meter shuffle
*you must shuffle between ALL stations
* team members can only advance once the station in front of them is open

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