Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday - WOD 216 - Domination Station

Okay, so Domination station sounds a little weird, but that is what I want everyone to do today. Dominate those stations.... Go as hard and fast as you can at each station knowing that you can rest once you are done.

This type of training will serve you well when it comes to weight loss, endurance training, and muscle hypertrophy.

So Dominate those stations

5-5-5 Dips (Rx Rings, Intermediate between 2 boxes, Beginners 1 box)
5-5-5 Negative Pull ups (Zero effort going up... Slow coming down)

Stations - 1 minute at each station, no rest between stations (so move quickly to the next station)
3 rounds, 2 minute rest between rounds

Station 1 - Push Press 95/65
Station 2 - Slam balls 20/15
Station 3 - Knees to elbows
Station 4 - Single Arm Snatch 35/20
*entire class will be broken up evenly and smaller groups will start off at different stations so there are 3-5 people at each station


1 minute max burpees

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