Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday - WOD 241 - "Tiny Fierce and Thirty"

Happy birthday to our Abigail and her other Wonder twin Mary Michele.
Abs has been such an important part of our CFS family.
As part of the Zombie Crew, she wakes up early every day to get her work done and then go out and teach all day.
She is a wonderful athlete and friend.

Happy Big 30

Mini Flight simulator
Double unders or singles
Must go unbroken on each set to move on to the next set.
For example, if you are on the set of 30 and only do 20, you have to try again.
This is for time

"Tiny Fierce and 30"
2 rounds for time with a partner
30 HSPU while your partner Holds a Handstand
30 hang Power cleans 115/75 while your partner holds a wall sit
30 Burpee Pull ups while your partner hangs from the bar
30 Med ball situps with a toss over a box 20/15

30 hollow rocks
30 vups

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