Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday - WOD 265 - Partner WOD

After warmup, do a quick round circle about what we are thankful for.
I know some people find it difficult to talk in public, so to make it simple, everyone write it on the floor with calk.

Strength (15 min)
Power snatch to OH squat
3@60%, 3@65%, 2@70%
(% of snatch)

Partner WOD

"The 60"

Station 1 -
5 min AMRAP
100 Meter Sled pull 45/25 lb plate per athlete
60 Dumbbell Push Press 50/35
*both partners pull sled
**one partner working at a time on Push press
***the score is the # of reps on Push Press

Station 2 -
5 min AMRAP
200 Meter ROW - 1 athlete rows 100 then switch
60 kettle Bell Swings 52/35
*One partner rows at a time
**one partner does KB swing at a time
***the score is the # of reps on KB swing

Station 3 -
5 min AMRAP
50 Meter Bear Crawl (164 feet)
60 Back Squat 135/95
*One does bear crawl at a time
**one partner does back squat at a time
***the score is the # of reps on back squat

*Allow 2 mins of rest between rounds for set up and to track score on whiteboard

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