Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wednesday - WOD 18 - Performance

Simplicity in eating
1. Know what is going in and going out

  • Even if it is just for a few weeks, understand how many calories are going in versus how many calories you are burning
  • Use a Fitness calculator to figure out your basic macros (http://www.eattoperform.com/eat-to-perform-calculator/)
  • Get a fitness Band (fitbit, Garmin, etc) or use a simple free app for your Smart phone (myfitness pal)
  • Either restrict some calories (cut down by a simple 200) or increase the work output (add in an extra Row or run each day)
  • Bottom line is to create a deficit
2. Preparation is key

  • You will stay on track easier if you do a weekly or 2-3 day meal prep.
  • The easiest way to start is to cook your lean Protein food sources all at once. Then you can just choose a healthy Carb and add the meat right in (protein at each meal and snack)
    • Turkey and chicken
    • Fish and seafood
    • lean red meat
    • egg whites  (whole or liquid)
  • Have plenty of GOOD Carbs on hand so that you won't reach for the bad stuff.
    • Fibrous vegies (the greener and leafier the better)
    • Sweet Potatoes (all varieties) and the occasional red potato
    • Fruit (centered around workout time)
  • Keep good fats on hand
    • avocados, nuts and nut butters, fish oil
3. Put it all together and keep it simple

  • get a few cook books, take time to check out websites, ask your friends, use social media
  • Be a Stingy eater. Don't be afraid to say no to friends, family, waiters
  • don't drink your calories with the exception of 1 workout recovery shake
  • give yourself 1 day to cheat (like the 4 hour body low carb diet)
  • Carbs are needed, but should be centered around your workout. Night time carbs should be limited.

50 Meter Repeats
Every 30 seconds
for 5 Minutes

EMOM for 8 mins
4 Chest to Bar pullups
5 HR pushups
6 Situps

3 min break

EMOM for 8 Mins
4 Sumo Pops
6 Lunges
8 KB swings

3x10 GHD situps

3x10 Single Leg RDLs 35/20 dumbbells

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