Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thursday - WOD 65 - Peeling the onion

For today's WOD we wanted to do a reverse ladder where the rep scheme gets easier toward the end. I love WODs like this because it is like peeling an onion... Although you want to cry, or are crying, there is a part of you that knows that it is getting easier and the pain is getting more manageable.
This reminds me the simple idea between an optimist and a pessimist.

An optimist looks at each WOD knowing that it will be tough, but that at some point, maybe not until the end, but at some point, it will get better and you will feel better
A pessimist seems to hate the WOD before, during, AND after! To those athletes, I say "I am sorry". Not sorry that it was hard, but sorry because it is never going to get any easier.

That is why we do this! Not because it is easy, but because it makes us better. Better than we were, better than yesterday, better for our future.

So there is an old saying that we know it's going to suck, so you might as well embrace the Suck.

Group warm up:
empty bar warm up with a snatch grip

Snatch Starting at 50% of known max

Peeling the onion
sprints to the 2nd fire line (to the red line =1, back to the garage =2 and so on)
Hang Power Cleans 135/95 scaled 115/75 beginner 96/65

rest 2 strict mins then ROW 800 meters (this is part of the WOD)

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