Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wednesday - WOD 52 - WOD for GOD

We all have different demons in our lives: insecurities,  stresses, anxieties, temptations,  doubts, and sins.
To get over these demons, people often say "I just need to get a workout in to get over this!"
And most of us do just that and come to the box to overcome these issues.

But what we don't realize is, it's not just the workout, it's the Box!

It's the people, the environment,  the air we breathe,  the BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS we shed.... TOGETHER.

When we have demons in our lives, God often times puts others in our lives to help crush those demons!

ROMANS 16:20
The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

Romans 16:20 is not just saying that God alone will crush Satan for you. God will work through you and others to crush satan UNDER YOUR FEET. It will be your feet that do the crushing. The power working in you and your friends will be from God, but the feet will be yours. In other words, you must take action. You have to step out and work with your FAMILY and FRIENDS -- and crush your demons and the devil.

Bench Press
Looking for a heavy 5 Rep max

Every 3 mins for 12 mins
10 front rack lunges 95/65
15 push Presses 95/65
20 floor sweepers
*any time left in each 3 min section is rest.

1k recovery row

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