Sunday, April 5, 2015

Monday - WOD 79 - A Case of the Mondays

"Consistency is the magic pill"
~ Coach James

Make sure to make a conscious effort to come to the box. Be Fit. Take back your health.

Every 2 Minutes
For 12 minutes
3 james complexes
5 back squats 115/75
*james complex = burpee, squat clean thruster to back, back squat thruster

3 rounds, each round is 5 minutes long
With a 15 minute running clock
Score is how many combined reps
No rest between rounds

1st round
400 meter run
Max reps pushups

2nd round
400 meter run
Max rep air squats in remaining time

3rd round
400 meter run
Max reps situps in remaining time

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